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Providing market-based solutions to sustainable tourism, preserving invaluable social and environmental capital for the well being of local people worldwide. LEARN MORE


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What’s New?

EWI Launches New Video Series

Join Megan Epler Wood for her new V-Log where she will give her take, interview experts, and answer crowd-sourced questions on the hot topics in the travel and tourism universe. The V-Log will take on the tough concepts and summarize issues for an on-line, mobile, video audience. Season 1 – Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet (2019) Ten episodes will cover industry solutions to the global travel and tourism overtourism crisis. Each industry representative from leading tour operators, aviation, cruise, and hotels will bring insights into the challenges to manage the footprint of their sector while maintaining a market edge.

Season 1, Introduction: EplerWood International V-Log

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Season 1, Episode 4:

Will the use of GIS make tourism planning more feasible? Interview with Dr. Stephen Ervin

In this episode, Megan Epler Wood discusses how GIS and Geodesign can be used in the tourism planning field to make destinations more sustainable. We are joined by Dr. Stephen Ervin, Assistant Dean for Information Technology at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture, and Senior Research Advisor to the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities.

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“The earth’s greatest treasures are cracking under the weight of the soaring tourism economy. New data-driven systems to identify the cost of managing tourism’s most valued assets are required to stem a growing crisis in global tourism management. With the right leadership, finance and analysis in place, a whole new generation of tourism professionals can move forward and erase the invisible burden while benefiting millions around the globe.”

Megan Epler Wood, Principal

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