Megan Epler Wood is joining the team at the Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. As a Senior Professional Fellow, Epler Wood will work on interdisciplinary practical research agendas in the tourism-related fields of destination management, community enterprise development, small and microenterprise development and management in rural areas and buffer zones of protected areas, and hotel supply chain management intended to create markets and enterprise that alleviate poverty and benefit those in need in developing regions.

Epler Wood kicks off her work at Cornell during a visit to campus March 5-8 where she will be meeting with professors from the business, natural resources, agriculture and life sciences, and hotel management.

“We have been collaborating with Megan for over three years,” said Professor Mark Milstein, director of the Center, and are thrilled to be able to build on that success. Megan’s knowledge and experience will help extend our work in the tourism and hospitality sectors. We look forward to developing an extensive applied research agenda which engages the business community, government leaders and civil society to improve management of the economic, social, and environmental outcomes at tourism destinations; and benefit the local communities which rely on the resilience of those destinations for their livelihoods.”

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