EplerWood International (EWI) builds value-added sustainable tourism economies which invest in improved local well-being.

Since 2003, EWI has implemented destination development projects at scale in over 30 countries.  Our company track record demonstrates that investment in sustainable tourism economies results in conservation of natural resources, improved income and infrastructure for local people, and social and environmental business opportunities. 

Using 10 years of research undertaken at Harvard and Cornell Universities, we offer tested systems to:

  • Implement revised tourism policies
  • Measure carbon emissions per tourist
  • Monitor and manage destination demand


EplerWood International launching a range of new services for sustainable tourism destinations seeking to restructure:

  • Feasibility studies and investment plans for post-pandemic destination recovery
  • Holistic environmental accounting for climate resilience and infrastructure planning
  • Environmental/ social entrepreneurship business planning
  • Ecotourism and natural capital-based tourism planning
  • GIS & Geodesign-based regional planning & stakeholder management
  • Policy-driven analysis for updating tax & regulatory systems
  • Destination management training through new certified downloadable courses

Strategic Partnerships

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