EplerWood International provides market-based solutions to sustainable tourism which preserve invaluable social and environmental capital for the well being of local people worldwide.

EWI provides innovative systems for business, NGOs, and governments to build competitive resource efficient economies that benefit all members of society.


EplerWood International provides market research, business plans, financial and investment plans, and other economic and social entrepreneurship tools to help countries or destinations build the capacity they need to deliver sustainable and ecotourism professionally. EplerWood International oversees the development of sustainable tourism as a tool to economically benefit underserved rural populations and as a means to support the conservation of protected areas and biodiversity.

EWI’s work in over 20 countries from Cambodia, Honduras, Tunisia, Scotland, Canada, Denmark and Sweden are providing proven, academically tested, science-based, data driven tools for managing increasing threats from the global growth of tourism.


Corporate Capacities

  • Industry: advising adventure and ecotourism operations, hotels, tour operators, cruise, and transportation;
  • Environment: managing sustainable development of mainstream and ecotourism;
  • Poverty alleviation: creating income-generating opportunities for the bottom billion;
  • Business: developing micro to medium-sized enterprises in local economies;
  • Government: advising regional and national planning of tourism development, growth and policies.

Strategic Partnerships

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