Sustainable Destination Investment Management

powered by EplerWood International


EplerWood International launched DestInvest in 2021 to provide destinations with the vision, university-tested methods and capacity building required to implement sustainable destination programs using federal, regional, and international finance programs to help regions Build Back Better.


DestInvest collaborates with communities and regions affected by tourism impacts to transition to more resilient and regenerative tourism models. Our tools and frameworks help tourism destinations develop effective systems to track and pay for the Invisible Burden so that local communities flourish, natural resources and biodiversity are conserved, and the tourism industry can create effective climate plans.


  • DestInvest services can be enhanced with Destination Evaluation and Destination Management services.
  • Develops feasibility analyses that develop strategies and project costs to lower socio-cultural impacts, preserve natural capital, and mitigate GhG emissions. Understand the infrastructure and management required to protect regional tourism assets, take material climate action, and build long-term economic resilience
  • Creates investment plans to attract both public and private capital, including monies to cover costs identified during feasibility analyses
  • Provides a range of model governance scenarios for future sustainable management of tourism, based on local context
  • Develops proposals—based on plans co-developed with local stakeholders —to attract recovery funding, impact investment, and concessionary finance
  • Train local teams to oversee ongoing destination management using established data, tools, and frameworks


DestInvest collaborates with local partners worldwide on a regional basis. We currently have DestInvest regional partnerships in the U.S., Canada, and the Asia Pacific region.  We are eager to expand our partnerships in current regions, and to expand the reach of DestInvest to new regions.

Prospective partners should be well-versed in their region’s tourism management, understand current goals and pressures on communities, and demonstrate capacity to apply the knowledge base and tools offered by EplerWood International.  If your organization is a good fit, we encourage you to inquire about partnership opportunities.      

DestInvest’s partnerships will be informed by ISO standard 40013 with the goal of using collaboration between Small and Medium Enterprises to leverage local sustainable development results worldwide.

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