Destination Evaluation Service


Since 2017, EWI Destination Evaluation Service has assisted destination leaders to review key policy and tourism management systems. We help communities to begin the dialog with stakeholders on how to solve the globally persistent problems with environmental and socio-cultural impacts caused by the overcrowding of destinations. 

The results from the EWI Destination Evaluation Service provide guidance for the new DestInvest program, by helping communities to understand the challenges and put them into context.  We offer-

  • Keynote Speeches – Direction to destinations on managing the “Invisible Burden” and creating a technical working environment which allows for better tourism management.
  • Stakeholder Meetings – Customized virtual dialogs with representative groups – multinational industry, local SME business, environmental and heritage organizations, and governments. EWI facilitation to help communities identify the “pinch point” areas to solve, funding needed, and goals for action.
  • Final Destination Evaluation Reports – Overview Executive Summary Report of conclusions of the stakeholders with background data on specific issues that require deeper analysis with suggested goals for lowering the impact of tourism and raising local well-being.
  • Industry forums – EWI provides insights into the larger needs for industry to engage in public- private management of destinations, defining their role, potential for long-term benefits, and structure of industry engagement


The Destination Evaluation Service including In-Person Keynote Speeches 2017-2020 Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Edinburgh, Scotland; the Banff National Park region; the Yukon Territory, and British Columbia, Canada; and Block Island, Rhode Island, U.S. in 2021.

Virtual Speaking services 2020-2021 in Bangkok, Thailand; Whistler, British Columbia; Nicosia, Cyprus; Asheville, North Carolina; Balearic Islands, Spain

Virtual Industry Forums between 2020-21, Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia; Tourism Industry Association of Canada (Canada’s national conference); and the Hotel Investment Forum of the Adriatic region in Croatia (ADRIA).

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