Join Megan Epler Wood for her new VLOG where she will give her take, interview experts, and answer crowdsourced questions on the hot topics in the travel and tourism universe. The VLOG will take on the tough concepts in sustainable tourism and summarize issues for an on-line, mobile, video audience.

Producer: Tanner C. Knorr, Program Manager, EplerWood International

Episode Content:

  • My Take: Megan Epler Wood gives a summary of the topic (5 min)
  • Interview: Megan Epler Wood interviews experts on their specialty in the travel & tourism industry (10 min)
  • Questions: Megan Epler Wood answers 1-2 crowdsourced questions from social media (2 min)

Season 1 – Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet (2019)

Ten episodes will cover industry solutions to the global travel and tourism overtourism crisis. Each industry representative from leading tour operators, aviation, cruise, and hotels will bring insights into the challenges to manage the footprint of their sector while maintaining a market edge.

Confirmed guests:

  • Justin Francis, CEO,
  • Amber Marie Beard, Former V.P. Sustainability Six Senses and Sustainability Advisor, Pegasus Capital
  • Keith Vincent, CEO, Wilderness Safaris

Season 2 – Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (2020)

Ten episodes will cover destinations in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.  Each region will discuss business challenges, the role of ecotourism business in conservation, and the development of strategies to conserve large regions via governmental and private sector cooperation with communities as primary beneficiaries.


Megan Epler Wood is an accomplished communicator and an internationally acknowledged expert on sustainable tourism and ecotourism.

She has worked for over 30 years with major international institutions to communicate key environmental themes including, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, National Geographic, and World Wildlife Fund-U.S. She has produced programs with major figures in the field of conservation including David Attenborough, Jimmy Stewart, George Plimpton, David Western, and Sylvia Earle. A former video, AV and live event producer, Epler Wood is also an award-winning natural history film producer with international and national broadcast credits. LEARN MORE

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