Systematic Measures Needed to Limit CO2 Emissions of Tourism

EWI Climate Summit Week Statement COP 25 and UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report [1] on global CO2 emissions are highlighting the collective urgency of lowering the total GhG emissions on the planet to avoid increasingly perilous climate change impacts. The rapid growth of the tourism industry at 4% annually and its

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EWI Launches New Video Series

Join Megan Epler Wood for her new V-Log where she will give her take, interview experts, and answer crowd-sourced questions on the hot topics in the travel and tourism universe. The V-Log will take on the tough concepts and summarize issues for an on-line, mobile, video audience. Season 1 –

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Report: Destinations need new resources to tackle the “invisible burden” of tourism

A report published today by the Travel Foundation, Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise and EplerWood International describes how destinations must uncover and account for tourism’s hidden costs, referred to as the “invisible burden”, to protect and manage vital destination assets worldwide.  Failing to do so puts ecosystems, cultural wonders, and community

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