Each new webinar will feature distinct perspectives on how the Invisible Burden is affecting their regions and how it can be accounted for in future.

EplerWood International is partnering with the Cornell Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise STAMP to produce webinars on the Destinations at Risk; The Invisible Burden report in collaboration with the Travel Foundation.

Webinars offer the opportunity to define the challenge of managing the Invisible Burden and lay out opportunities for business to collaborate on socially responsible regional plans to preserve destination assets.

Webinar # 1: Invisible Burden Defined, Business Opportunity, Scotland Case Study

In Cooperation with Scottish Enterprise

To download the report or find out more about the Invisible Burden, please visit www.invisibleburden.org.

"The webinar program on Destinations at Risk, The Invisible Burden is a valuable gateway to information on managing data and investment in destinations to achieve sustainability. The Travel Foundation is undertaking the webinar program with EplerWood International and Cornell Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, showing the value of working in partnership to reach hearts and minds across the globe."
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