Megan Epler Wood worked with thousands of lodge owners, tour operators, academics, and civil society to determine what makes ecotourism projects successful around the world as Executive Director and Founder of The International Ecotourism Society from 1990-2002.

"Strong local foundations were built for sustainable development by EWI in Asia, Africa and Latin America 2003-2010 via ecotourism projects that used inclusive stakeholder consultation processes and robust models for business and investors. The time is now to scale up ecotourism worldwide."
Megan Epler Wood
Founder & President

Projects funded by the World Bank and USAID:

In 2010, Epler Wood joined both Harvard and Cornell in positions that brought substantial talent to the table, via independent graduate research with both universities. This led to a vital information on how to further advance ecotourism results. (Affiliations)

EWI consults for businesses which seek to deliver conservation results on the ground in measurable triple bottom line terms.

Clients approaching EWI should consider how they seek to get their proposal to market and at what phase they need consultation:

1) Feasibility Study

2) Triple Bottom Line Reporting- Establishing Baselines

3) Triple Bottom Line Business Plan

4) Triple Bottom Line Capitalization Plan

5) Inclusive program which looks at:

    • 1) feasibility,
    • 2) business plan, and
    • 3) capitalization program

EWI seeks to put the best students into the marketplace with the right planning methods to start a business or join a business team. 

EWI seeks to improve and add to business case materials to improve global understanding of ecotourism business models. See the following case studies:

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