EplerWood International is one of the only companies in sustainable tourism using research and development from world renowned universities. Hundreds of graduate students and leading faculty from Harvard and Cornell Universities have reviewed key research questions in the field of sustainable tourism at both universities since 2010.

Megan Epler Wood speaks with both in-depth knowledge and a profound understanding of how destinations evolve.

EplerWood International now offers a powerful opportunity to work with Megan Epler Wood as both a speaker and analyst.  Her goal is to put destinations on a science-based footing to manage vital global resources using GIS mapping systems.

EplerWood International offers the following services to destination clients:

  • Keynote speech in major venue
  • Pre-meetings with client on destination needs, and review of advance materials
  • Meetings with key stakeholders on site
  • Executive Summary of the results of the meetings and speech


  • Wonderful Copenhagen (2018) Speech for annual conference and consultations with key stakeholders to review holistic accounting methodologies for tourism in Copenhagen
  • Scottish Enterprise (2019) Speech for annual ETAG Conference, meetings with key stakeholders, workshop with business representatives, review of future planning initiatives, overview report
  • Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association (2019) Speech at Banff Centre; meetings with town management team, Mayor, and DMO team; review of park management for tourism; overview report
  • Swedish National Trust (2019) Speech for annual conference, meetings with key stakeholders, review of future planning initiatives, overview report
  • Yukon Tourism Industry Association (TIA) (2019-2020) Speeches for annual conference and mid-year consultation process, meetings with key stakeholders, review of future planning initiatives, overview report 
  • British Columbia Tourism Industry Association (TIA) (2020) Keynote speech on Meeting the Challenge of Achieving Sustainable Destinations at annual conference of industry and destination leaders, online pre-meetings and survey on destination management requirements with destination leaders in British Columbia, and final executive summary report for TIA leadership and stakeholders
"Megan Epler Wood was invited to Banff National Park in April, 2019 to deliver a speech on Tourism's Role in Protecting Earth's Most Valued Assets. The presentation illustrated the need for destinations around the world to begin to develop measured responses to congestion and extensive use of critical resources, both in cities and in natural areas, to ensure the future sustainability of economic, social and environmental systems. Our local planning community found the material to be on target as they move towards crucial decisions for our region.."
Darren Reeder
Executive Director, Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association

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